The course has been a new experience in my personal life and the leaders of the course Ally and Irene are very qualified for the job they did for us.

Thank you Irene and Ally for all, for your patience your friendliness, your care and also for perfect preparation exercises. You are excellent organizers and were a lot of help for us. I certainly would like to use your ideas in my teaching and I will be recommend this course other teachers in Poland.

You and Ally are great people and I hope that I will meet you again at some point. Thanx so much again and have a good week of relaxing.

The superb setting coupled with the good weather and the marvellous people around made the course one of the most outstanding from all those I previously attended. Well done and keep me in mind for another one....

I learned so much about myself. All everyday troubles are now smaller. I feel that my mind is ready for everything and I still feel this team-power that we created together. Thank to you, Irene and Ally for creating this wonderful course.

Awesome - felt totally relaxed after a weekend away with Ally and Irene, I'd do it again anytime.

Having spent a life changing week with Irene and Ally on a course in Italy I was a bit apprehensive about Aviemore because I thought my expectations might be too high. However I was not disappointed, the second experience was as unique and inspirational as the first.

It was a fantastic day with friends to be. A perfect way to get to know people. You could walk by yourself or entangled in a very vivid discussion about the big bang/creation. We could all enjoy it on our own terms. A magnificient day that everyone deserved to experience.

Peter Hallstrom, Sweden.
 I felt a real sense of peace and freedom.....away from the pressures and routine of everyday life. I had a sense of belonging, being a small but valued part of a group of people who seemed to be naturally bonding into one body, where all the members, although different, were valued and performed their own important function. The whole experience was stimulating for mind, body and soul.

Kenny Smith, Lewis
I enjoyed that hike very much and felt quite safe knowing it had been tested by Ally and relying on his experience.

Antoinette Welter, Luxembourg.