The week I spent In Badaguish while carrying out my DofE residential with Irene and Ally was an extremely exciting and enjoyable week full of new activites and learning curves. I am very pleased I carried out my residential with Irene and Ally as they made it a very worthwhile, enjoyable and a memorable time in which I met and made new friends with a great bunch of people!

Thank you very much for the great time had!

Adrian Bird, DofE Gold Residential participant
Taking a part in courses “Taking Learning Outdoors”- was the greatest learning experience in my life!

It was a good way to get to know people, enjoy a beautiful nature and get knew knowledge and practical competences (new methods) about learning outdoors.

The different activities also challenged me personally to move out if my comfort zone, and to overcome some psychological difficulties. It was really nice feel!

Thanks, Irene and Ally, for so great organized courses, for support and inspiring me!

Kristine Zepere, Latvia
I recently attended the first ever Reflective leader CPD course in La Jarilla , Andalucia with Irene and Ally. This has to be one of the most amazing weeks of my life. It was not only set in beautiful surrounding but I met some of the most amazing folk and learned a lot about myself and my skills as a leader.

If you are looking to have a rewarding week of CPD and time to reflect on your own ablities then this is the course for you. It is also a great opportunity to find out how other cultures education systems work. Since returning I am now working on creating international school links through Comenius and am hoping to set these up within my school over the next two years.

Thanks to everyone who attended this course for making it so worthwhile and thanks to Ally and Irene for everything they did to prepare this course for us.

Pauline, South Lanarkshire
The Reflective leader course in La Jarilla , Andalucia was  the most amazing CPD experience I have ever had in over 30 years of teaching.

Within a small group who quickly learned to trust each other, we were challenged to consider our own leadership ability, style and skill  through a carefully thought out , well balanced programme of activities, all of which took place outdoors in the Andalucian sunshine.

Irene and Ally have put such a lot of thought into the course.

From their choice of setting at La Jarilla in its beautiful secluded countryside location in Andalucia ( complete with its own wine cellar !!)   to the balance of work and reflection time ( by the pool)  this was a unique week which has given me an opportunity to network with teachers from the farthest north of Europe(Iceland)  to the farthest East (Turkey) .

Thank you for a fab week and for the challenges you set me .

I return to work with so many ideas to share and a real desire to expand our international links with European countries to benefit our young people and broaden their horizons.  I  will definitely recommend your other courses to colleagues, anyone who turns down an opportunity to do this course must be mad!!!

Jayne - Scotland
Just back from an amazing week with Ally and Irene in the beautiful setting of Schilpario. The group bonded immediately, and we enjoyed our time together immensely, even the bits where we were upside down!

Irene and Ally kept the atmosphere relaxed and positive, and we got through a huge amount in only 6 days - can't believe when I read through my notebook how much we got done.

I've only been back 2 days, but already I've recommended the course to several others.

Can't wait to meet up again with other participants.

Thanks for a great time!

p.s. Missing Gabriella's pasta.

Paul Stones, Scotland
The TLO course was exciting, thrilling, though provoking and FUN!! If I'd known the content before I went, I may have thought the course wasn't for me, but I'm so glad I went.  I faced fears, worked with great people and had the best time ever whilst learning new things!! I met some really special people and look forward to keeping in touch with them all!

Thanks again to Irene and Ally who are so passionate about experiential learning and the outdoors and made this course such a great success!

Susan Parker, Scotland
If anyone told me a month ago I would enjoy walking miles, climbing and building rope bridge across a river, I would not have believed them and accused them of being a little crazy.  But I have to say it was one of the best times of my life, I met such interesting people from different countries and learnt so much both professionally and personally.

Thank for such a great experience.

Jenny Searle, Wales
Taking part in the course was a challenge from the begining to the end. A week in Schilpario was full of activities and reflections which strengthen my confidence.The team building of the group push as to expand our comfort zone.

I truly recommend it to anybody who can participated.

Soterios Skoutaris, Cyprus
The experience of  'Taking Learning Outdoors' was one that I will never forget.

The course held in the hills above Schilpario invloved lots of games and activities, some mental, some physical, which helped develop my sense if cooperation and teamwork. They also challenged me personally to move out if my comfort zone and to take part in activities that I have never done before. Initially daunted by the bunkhouse style accomodation it quickly became part of the fun.

One of the best things about this type of course is meeting people from different parts if Europe. Gabriella and Giovanni's hospitality was second to none and all meals were delicious and home made by Gabriella.

Irene and Ally skillfully pack in a huge range of activities, all of which are thoroughly entertaining and fun.

I have come away from the course with a renewed confidence in myself, a greater sense of purpose and a new bunch of friends!

Many thanks

Jane Young, Wales
The Taking Learning Outdoors course in Schilpario was fantastic. Packed full of relevant experiential and outdoor learning activities and tasks, with lots of group dynamics and team building exercises.

Also, this was accompaninied by stimulating and active evaluation and review techniques.... All of which can be adapted and used in school.

In addition; the setting was amazing; the hosts were genuinely brilliant people and most of all;- it was great fun!

I can't recommend it highly enough!

Big thanks to Irene, Ally and all course participants who helped make the week such a rich and memorable experience.

Peter Gibb, Aberdeen