Thanks for the course! For me it was an adventure both into the beautiful nature and into myself. Working in different groups with different issues gave an experimental understanding of the power that we have got in each other and that lesson I will bring with me into my school and into my whole life. With the power of the group we managed to build a bridge, climb the mountain and face many fears we got there on the road. Sharing uncertainty and even fear and coping with it together connects people really, not any big success. If we could teach those skills to our pupils I believe they would have better tools to solve the problems they will face in the future.

Anna-Leena, Finland
Thank you for such a wonderful course in Schilpario! It was an incredible experience that changed my way of thinking about outdoor learning. I have so many good ideas, I can't wait to go back to school and use them all. All the tasks were so clever...thanks Irene and Ally. I challenged myself in a way I never did before and I am glad I did it, it was totally worth it! I miss all of you, at the course, and I can't stop telling everybody about this great experience. I highly recommend it to every teacher...

Lucia, Romania
Reflective Leader La jarilla.

Could do with another course next week!

A fantastic experience in a fantastic place! great opportunity to meet teachers from different countries and to discuss and share experiences and build relations between our schools. great course which gets you to think of management scenarios through extremely engaging and enjoyable practical tasks. thoroughly recommend to everyone-and the red wine was good too!!

Daf, Wales
Super environment. Cool leaders who let the group develop in it´s own tempo. No stress but time for reflexion between exercises. Recommendable for people who deal with people.

Outi Määttä, Sweden
Thanks for an amazing week and all your support before and during the expedition. You gave us the space to truly appreciate the remoteness of the environment we were walking through, yet were still there every day making sure we were all safe and happy.

Ally and Irene are the most professional and welcoming DofE expedition provider I've come across, and I would thoroughly recommend doing an expedition with them.

Jane, Glasgow - Open Gold Participant
Well organised and supported by Irene and Ally this has got to be one of the best ways to complete your open gold expeditions. Take a group of strangers, the Scottish Highlands and their expertise and you have a recipe for a very rewarding adventure. They are more than willing to "go the extra mile", by mountain bike if necessary lol, to ensure the safety and success of the expedition.

A brilliant experience, I'd recommend it to anyone thanks to Irene and Ally

Rachel Parker, Open Gold DofE expedition
I thoroughly enjoyed completing my Open Gold Expedition, I felt that AdventuraScotland were extremely well organised and made the expedition fun and rewarding. I would recommend doing the Open Gold D of E to anyone as it gave me more independence, confidence and the ability to gain new skills.

Thanks again for all your help.

Fiona Wallace, Open Gold Expedition Participant
I was really nervous about my residential as I didn't know anyone but within five minutes the whole group had meshed really well and Ally and Irene were so lovely and welcoming.

I had an amazing week and it was such a valuable experience. Being dropped into the middle of "nowhere" with no connection to the outside world and have to interact only with the people you are with was very interesting!

The week definitely pushed our limits as a group and as individuals, completing the high ropes course makes you feel like you can achieve anything if you trust yourselves and others around you.

You definitely learn a lot about yourself on this course while having fun - I'd recommend it to anyone.

Thank you Ally and Irene, you're awesome!

Branwen Walker, Dofe Gold Residential
Well organised, and so much fun. Recommended to my brother for his Residential!

Christopher Lavelle, DofE Gold Residential participant
The course was an eye-opening experience, with insightful techniques used, allowing you to explore how you work within a team and how you can make a team gel, utilising everyone's skills.

I had a fantastic time, irene and ally were very welcoming and friendly and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable experience in amazing surroundings.

Thanks again for a great time!

Bill Cunningham, DofE Gold Residential participant