Taking Learning Outdoors, Italy

What can I say?

Spending one week in Italy together with 20 other teachers from all over Europe - in our Italian outdoor classroom, was for me "food for the soul" as we say in Norway. Every task given to us made me reflect on so many different levels: me as a teacher, me as a member of a group, me as a friend, me being patient - and inpatient, me in the stunning nature, me not understanding the task given to us, me feeling so happy when I master the different tasks - and even more happy when my friends from Europe  master new things, cooperating, laughing, crying (happy tears)...

This week reminded me of a few important things:

Why I am a teacher! - seeing and experiencing other peoples happiness about learning, master and development is such a joy!

Spending time out of the traditional classroom is the right thing to do! To master makes children grow in a good direction. Outdoor learning gives children the opportunity to developed and grow the whole person - not only the parts that we can "test"!

Ally and Irene:

Thank you ever so much for being just as you are! Both with a good sense of humor - wihich I love, but most of all: Thank you for sharing your tasks, experiences and knowledge about learning, reflecting, people, nature and Italy! The way you act in the group are exemplary and something to strive for -  for every teacher!

Katrin, Norway


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